Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Young Persian Love: Faramarz Parsi "Teheran Teheran" 1976, Iran. Peters International 10165

It's been a minute...so let us rewind to 1976 Iran for some pre-Ayatollah fun.  320 rip by yours truly.  Really thank Ryan for the motivation.  More to come.  And on a more frequent basis.  


  1. respost?? link is dead for some reason

  2. Argh, wanted, but link dead.

    Mediafire is easy and nice for end user but they seem to be deleted things willy nilly.

    Maybe try Divshare? I haven't lost a single album in 3 years on it.

  3. figured it was my turn to share something that doesn't seem to be out there on the nets. i know i've pulled down a lot from others over the years. i am still interested in talking further with you about what we spoke of last. there is plenty more to dig up. be in touch soon amigo.

  4. Just discovered your amazing blog via flash trap - don't know most of the albums but I'm really looking forward to your uploads,

    thank you