Sunday, April 29, 2012

Muslimgauze - Vote Hezbollah (Soleilmoon - 1993)

Was Bryn Jone human?  A quick look at his resume and one ponders the question; the guy has over 200 releases credited to his name.  I think I remember reading Shackleton dubiously claiming he hadn't heard Muslimgauze prior to his work with Skull Disco.

Anyways, this LP was my introduction to Jone's pan-Allah flavored electronica and still ranks among my favorites of the few dozens of albums I've heard of his.

edition of approx. 3277
  1. Bazoft Rope  (5.52)
  2. Muezzin Farsi  (6.28)
  3. Ishmael Tongue  (5.33)
  4. Jawani Zindabad  (5.42)
  5. Tuareg  (6.10)
  6. Miyazawa  (7.12)
  7. Zion Poison  (7.17)
  8. Satyajit Eye  (4.11)
  9. Ishmael Tongue  (5.17)
  10. Bazoft Rope  (5.51)
  11. Muezzin Farsi  (4.34)
  12. Jawani Zindabad  (4.34)
all tracks written/played/recorded by Muslimgauze in Manchester
engineered & mixed by John Delf
re-mixed by Muslimgauze 
Dedicated to the freedom of Palestine.

Bryn Jone (1961-1999)


  1. thanks for this friend. i haven't heard this cat in ages, i'm excited to check him out again! have you heard vatican shadow yet?

  2. I haven't, but I'm on the case.